Pet Owners Luv Luvsome

“Filling their bowl with Luvsome dog food felt pretty great! After reading all of the directions and following step by step... also of course after reading the ingredients on the bag, I was pretty pleased and felt assured that everything would go smoothly. I also felt like what I was doing for the dogs was great! They both were super excited when they saw the box for them and loved the ball that came along with the package for them! I’m happy with the way it’s treating my fur babies!”
Rachel F.
Colorado Springs, CO
"I felt great filling my Piper's bowl with Luvsome because I knew it was so much better than the wet food I normally feed her and she loves the taste of it so much more too!  I can't believe how much my baby loved it!  She normally only acts like that when I give her a special treat like a bowl of real tuna, she licked every bowl clean!  I love this stuff and so does she!" 
Jennifer D.
Sacramento, CA
"I was nervous initially because Riley, my golden retriever, is very picky.  Suge, my yellow lab, will eat anything that won't eat him first, so I knew he would like it.  I slowly switched out the food as recommended and Riley was hesitant at first but ended up loving it.  I can always tell how much he enjoys a new food by how long he waits after coming from outside to eat.  He went straight to his bowl and ate every time." 
Whitney R.
Baytown, TX
"I feel pretty good about filling my cats' food bowls with Luvsome.  The ingredients are spot on with what my vet advises I feed them, and they love the flavors of the canned food (which is always a plus since 2 of my 4 are pretty picky about what they will and won't eat when it comes to canned)."
Mryia W.
Galloway, OH
"I feel good about feeding Luvsome Natural dog food to my 3 pets.  It comes in small morsels so it was easy for them to eat and digest.  For myself, what I really liked was that there is no harsh smell when opening the bag, unlike competitors, which can make me think twice before feeding." 
Angela C.
Taylor, MI
"I felt confident slowly switching my cats over to Luvsome dry cat food.  My oldest cat is set in his ways and very picky and I was happy that he took to the new dry food so well.  They weren't huge fans of the new food mixed with the old, but each day they ate more and more until the dish became all the new food.  I've also noticed less throwing up because they properly chew this food.  They seem happy so far!"
Jaime R.
Buchanan, MI
"I felt great filling my dogs bowls with Luvsome since it is a nutritional dog food made from ingredients that I would actually consider eating myself.  We treat a dog like family and would never feed our children a bowl of corn filler or other substitutes.  We need to look at our pets the same way Luvsome does, with a great respect for their diet and well-being.  Thank you Luvsome, for caring for their health and making their dinner delicious and tasty again." 
Jessi W.
Aragon, GA
"Excited because by the time I peeled back the can's lid, both Karma & Tigger were almost bouncing off the wall, by the scent alone!  To say they enjoyed Luvsome Gourmet chicken is speaking modestly.  My felines ate every drop of Luvsome first, then their food and then started searching each other's bowls haha!  I officially received the purr of approval!"
Jessie W.
Newport News, VA
"LUVSOME was a smooth transition from Pixie's old, store brand dog food!  LUVSOME seems like a great fit for her!  LUVSOME made her excited to eat!  Also the box of LUVSOME orange cranberry biscuits was an awesome surprise!  I actually tasted a LUVSOME biscuit and it was actually pretty tasty!  Thank you LUVSOME for feeding my fur baby in a healthy way!"
Heather K.
West Jordan, UT
"My cat really liked trying the LUVSOME dry cat food.  She ate it right up at meal time.  I wish she could talk, but the fact that she ate her whole bowl showed me that she was really liking it.  She's not usually a picky eater, but I could tell she was liking this more than her regular cat food.  She did her usual routine where she ate and then went and bathed in the window.  She seemed to really like it.  It seems like a good cat food and if she like it, I like it!" 
Tina D.
Ville Platte, LA
"I felt great - the food is healthy, has excellent reviews and I have to say, my doggies couldn't have loved it more.  They devoured this food as if it were the best thing they had ever tasted.  I felt proud being able to give them food they loved and knowing they were getting all the nutrients they needed at the same time.  It was a win-win for us both." 
Tonya Z.
Theodore, AL
"I felt wonderful about filling my cat's bowl with Luvsome.  The cans are perfect portion.  My cat LOVED it.  She immediately swarmed to the food as I opened the can.  I love that I know she is eating healthy foods and I am conscious that I am doing what is best for her happiness and health." 
Lexianne J.
Sherman, TX

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