About Us

We are passionate about pets

When a pet is happy, you can tell. A wagging tail, a slobbery kiss, a hearty purr. And those moments of pure happiness help our stress levels go down and our contentment levels go up.

At LUVSOME, we believe that a balanced diet is the key to helping our pets stay happy and healthy for a long time. Our commitment to quality means that every bowl is “LUVSOME Approved” and that you’re giving your pet a 100% complete and balanced, nutritious meal. It’s a delicious and easy way to show your pet the love.

What makes Luvsome different?

We share the joy.

With every bounding leap to greet us and every purr-filled welcome rub, our cats and dogs show us how healthy and happy they are. Our connection to them enhances our daily lives. And it’s one of the main reasons we created LUVSOME with the right ingredients in every bowl. It’s an easy, delicious, nutritious way to keep our furry family members enjoying every moment of life.

We believe in quality.

Balance is good. In life, in work, and especially in nutrition. Our commitment to quality means that with every bowl of LUVSOME, you’ll feel confident knowing that you’re serving a 100% complete and balanced, nutritious meal to your pet. LUVSOME achieves that perfect balance to bring out maximum happiness.

We take trust seriously.

Our pets put their trust in us. They rely on us for love, attention, shelter, and food. That’s why we take our products seriously. We promise a tasty, nutritious, high-quality pet food at a fair price. And LUVSOME delivers.

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From hilarious to enlightening, pets always manage to create unforgettable memories. We’ve shared some of our stories and now its time for you to share yours…